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            • 产品名称: 五金衝壓--五軸伺服偏擺型機械手
            • 产品编号: VTR-CYWSY5-001
            • 浏览次数: 951



            Metal stamping series --Four or five-axis deflection type robot


            Designed for hardware design with a punch, four or five-axis servo control system,the main arm horizontal deflection and rollover(five axis)for the 2-Dim and 3-Dim a single continuous multi-station press operation.

            人機介面The Man-machine Interface

            產品優勢Product advantages




            -Training time is short and program is easy to learn,including movement,process,time setting and formed interface.

            -Real-time fault detection and prompt, integrated I/O display

            -The system is security and reliable, reminding when operation system made by mistake.









            -A7.5-inch LCD screen(touch and buttons)

            -It canrealize circular arc interpolation and linear interpolation,save pick-up time

            -It can realizemulti-point picking up in intramode

            -It can realize the current program storage,save the time of adjustment.

            -Support multiple languages (Chinese,Traditional Chinese character,English,Japanese,Korean,Thai)

            -it has completed operation pattern,can stackable,arrangement,packing,free placement,external shear

            -One-step operation function,can single step by step into the debugging.

            -It can completely diagnostic text errors and time recording